The STOLmate Mission

The STOLMate was designed to help pilots measure and improve their takeoff and landing performance

Easy to use

  • Launch the iOS app and connect to the belly box via Bluetooth

  • Taxi out to a reference point (stripe, cone, etc.) on the runway and touch the 'Set Start Point' button

  • Fly patterns attempting to land as close to (but not before) that reference point as possible

  • After every takeoff and every full-stop landing, corresponding distances are recorded and displayed

  • Accuracy of the recorded distances approaches inherent GPS accuracy limits

Quick Installation

  • Can be installed and removed without any tools

  • Compatible with tri-gear and tailwheel airplanes

Simple Interface

  • iOS app with intuitive interface for instantaneous training feedback

  • Single USB-C port for charging


We are currently selling units at a discount to a limited number of beta testers as part of a soft launch. If you'd like to sign up or find out more information on the project contact